About us


Altra is a non-governmental, non-profit and humanitarian organization who has beeen providing community mental health services and programs for more than twenty years. We work in the area of social and health care, carrying out preventive programs, residential group activities, day centers, drop-in centers, counseling centers, clubs and other forms for care and protection of people with mental health problems. We organize self-help groups and offer services in the field of counseling, advocacy, planning, implementation and coordination of support, crisis interventions, employment programs and training of hard-to-employ people, etc. We also involve volunteers in the implementation of activities. Our mission is  promotion of public awareness and struggle against prejudices and stigma of the people with mental health problems in Slovenia. The implementation of such services should take place in the local community or in the home environment.


Basic programs of community service Altra:

  • Counseling office Altra
  • Group homes
  • Day center Altra
  • Advocacy
  • Counseling office with elements of day center Prevalje




Logo Altra Odbor za novosti
v duševnem zdravju
Zaloška ulica 40
1000 Ljubljana
tel: 01/544 47 61
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