The oldest non-governmental organization in the field of mental health

It is intended for adults with mental health issues. Our advantage is our small size, accessibility, flexibility, location in the local environment, and above all openness to identify the specific needs of individuals and groups.

How can we help you?

Do you have mental health issues?

Don’t delay, give us a call and we’ll talk about your issues.

We dedicate ourselves comprehensively to each individual.

We have many years of experience and offer assistance that is best suited to your needs.

You will receive support and assistance through our programs.

You will also gain new friends, acquaintances and learn new skills and knowledge skills.

Our programs

Join Altra

Service users, their relatives and friends, professional staff, volunteers can all become members of Alta. Respectively all who are interested in the field of mental health and are willing to contribute their knowledge and experience to the goals and mission of the association can become mebers. Membership also offers many benefits in terms of additional activities in the field of mental health prevention.

Success stories of our members