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Welcome to the ALTRA website. The website was set up in order to inform the general public about the NGO and its activities. Please, as a visitor to our site, comply with the conditions listed below. By reviewing or using this website, you acknowledge that you have read the terms, understand and agree to and fully accept them.


The owner of the ALTRA website – hereinafter referred to as the “owner”, will make every effort to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the information. At the same time, it reserves the right to change the content of the website and / or stop updating it, at any time, without any prior notice, and assumes no responsibility for the renewal of the website.

Use of the trademark is permitted only with the prior permission of the site owner.

Limitation of liability

All texts, images and other content displayed on the website have been selected and edited by the owner of the website and are for informational purposes only.

Except for direct damage resulting from the owner’s willful misrepresentation or resulting from the owner’s negligence, the owner or any other legal or natural person who participated in the creation of this website shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special or accidental damage resulting from a visitor’s misunderstanding of the site’s content.

The Website and its entire contents may not be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded to a remote computer, published, transferred, distributed or used to create derivative works without the prior official permission of the website owner.

Business relations

These websites may contain links or references to third party websites, resources and information. However, the owner of the website does not know the content of the information on third party websites and therefore does not assume any responsibility for the information provided therein. Accordingly, as a visitor to this website, you acknowledge and agree that the owner of the website is not responsible for the availability of such external websites or resources and is not responsible for or warranties for any content, services, products or other material available on these websites.

Protecting privacy

We collect contact information and some data (e-mail address) on the website about those visitors who would like to get additional information and for this purpose contact the partners of ALTRA. Visitors are solely responsible for the authenticity of data and contact information. We use contact information to establish contact with the visitor when necessary or the visitor himself wishes. The user may revoke the data processing permission at any time. In this case, ALTRA will do everything necessary to meet this requirement immediately.

We will use the information and contact information obtained only for the purposes for which it was provided, in accordance with your permission. We do not disclose information to third parties.

To better communicate online, we sometimes use short text files (cookies) on the ALTRA website, which, depending on the settings, your browser remembers. This makes it easier to browse websites. We use this technique to adapt to your way of communicating. We store some “cookies” through our servers in the memory of your computer. The use of “cookies” is a routine process on most websites. If you do not agree to their use, change your browser settings so that the acceptance of “cookies” will be disabled, but this may limit your ability to communicate with the ALTRA website.


To optimize the website in terms of system efficiency, usability and providing useful information about ALTRA, the ALTRA website automatically collects and stores information in log files on the user’s computer. These include the user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type and language setting, operating system, Internet Service Provider (ISP), and date / time of visit.

This data is used by the owner of the ALTRA website to effectively manage websites, to learn more about user behavior across websites, to analyze trends and to collect demographic data about users in a comprehensive way. The data collected can be used for marketing and advertising services and for communication.

In the case of the use of non-personal data together with personal data, such data shall be treated as personal data as long as they are combined.

The data protection policy from these terms and conditions also applies to data collected through cookies and other comparable techniques.

What is a “cookie”?

Websites, emails, online services, advertising and interactive applications may use so-called cookies to optimize services.

A cookie is a small file, usually containing a sequence of letters and numbers, that is loaded on the user’s terminal equipment (computer, mobile device, etc.; in these terms generally referred to as: computer) when he visits the ALTRA website from his web server it sends it to the browser’s cookie file on the user’s computer’s hard drive). For example, this allows the ALTRA website to identify the user’s devices when a connection is made between a web server and a web browser. The main purpose of the cookie is to enable the web server to present customized web pages to the user, which enable the experience of visiting the website to be more personal and to respond better to individual user needs. Cookies are also used to help the ALTRA project team learn more about how users use its websites, and to help improve the user experience when visiting websites.

What cookies does the ALTRA website use??

The ALTRA project team can use the following types of cookies on its website:

  • Session cookies: These are temporary cookies that are stored in the user’s cookie file until the end of the user’s visit to the browser (for the duration of the browsing session and are deleted as the session progresses). These cookies are mandatory for the proper operation of certain applications or functionalities on the website;
  • Persistent cookies: persistent cookies can be used to improve the user experience (eg to store registration information, page language settings, etc.). These cookies remain in the user’s cookie file for a longer period of time until they are deleted. This time period depends on the choices the user makes in their Internet browser settings. Persistent cookies allow information to be transferred to a web server every time someone visits the website. Persistent cookies are also known as tracking cookies;
  • 1st party cookies are from the ALTRA website, which the user views, and can be permanent or temporary. Websites use these cookies to store information that they will use again the next time a user visits this site;
  • Other cookies (3rd party cookies) originate from other, partner websites (which measure traffic, for example). In this way, third parties can collect user data from a variety of websites and use it for a variety of purposes, from advertising and analytics to improving their products.

More information about cookies can be found online, for example on the website:

When the use or installation of cookies requires the user’s consent, the ALTRA project team obtains the user’s consent before using them or before uploading them to the user’s device (computer).

Tracking and analysis

ALTRA uses Google Analytics analytics software from Google Inc. to continuously optimize communication on its websites, which uses cookies for the purpose of analyzing traffic (counting visitors, identifying browsers and keywords leading to the site, navigation problems). The ALTRA website or its partners and its partners partnes inform the user about them and upload cookies to the user’s device (computer), giving the user the option to reject cookies.

This allows you to track online behavior; At the collection stage, cookies store information about how users use the website, including the number of pages displayed, where the user comes from (geographical location), time of visit and number of visits to improve the website and ensure a good user experience. This information is collected through tracking cookies. The information obtained through cookies is anonymous and does not relate to personal data. ALTRA and its partners do not share this information with any third parties for their independent use. If the user does not accept cookies, no information is stored.

* Cookies from external websites / services

Cookie name: _gat_UA-219989914-1
Purpose: Website viewing statistics
Time: 1 minute
Company: Google Inc

Cookie name: _ga
Purpose: Website viewing statistics
Time: 2 years
Company: Google Inc

Cookie name: _gid
Purpose: Website viewing statistics
Time: 24 hours
Company: Google Inc

In accordance with the law, technical storage of data or access to them is permitted solely for the purpose of transmitting a message over an electronic communications network, or if this is strictly necessary to provide the information society service explicitly requested by the user. The ALTRA project team uses the following cookies for these purposes, namely its own session cookies and cookies for counting the number of site visitors; cookies last only as long as necessary to achieve their purpose or for the longest time of the browsing session and are deleted with the course of the session.

Enabling and disabling cookies and similar technologies

The user is allowed to accept or reject all cookies on all websites visited, bearing in mind that most browsers automatically accept cookies; or to block their use by changing the settings in your internet browser. For example, if you are using Internet Explorer 8.0, you must perform the following steps: 1. Select Tools and then Internet Options 2. Click the Privacy tab 3. Use the slider to select the desired setting. For other Internet browsers, if the user wants to change the browser settings or delete cookies, the user should follow the instructions of the specific browser.

If cookies are disabled, some features and full functionality of the website will no longer be available or will not work properly.


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