Counseling center with elements of a day center

The program is aimed at providing professional, comprehensive and continuous support and assistance to people with mental health issues, as well as their relatives or guardians.

The program is specific, as it includes both elements of the counseling and elements of the day center. In this way, we respond to the perceived needs of users in our environment, which includes the wider Carinthian region – especially the entire Mežica Valley. By joining the program, people with mental health issues strengthen their social, functional and communication skills, expand their social network, spend their free time better and re-integrate and participate in the local environment. The counseling program provides psychosocial support, which includes information, counseling by phone and in person, planning, implementation and coordination of individual support plans, leading self-help groups, socializing with volunteers, mobile assistance. The day center program includes a range of leisure activities from sports, expressive and social fields. In addition to the activities that we carry out according to the weekly and daily schedule, we also carry out camping and hiking and excursion activities on an annual basis. The objectives of the program are defined according to the wishes and needs of people with mental health issues and their relatives, namely: developing, supplementing and improving social capabilities, taking responsibility for their well-being and behavior, reintegration into everyday life, acquiring new skills, increasing the support social network and raising self-confidence, gaining new social experiences, knowledge of rights and possibilities of their realization in the social protection system, eliminating stigma, intergenerational cooperation, mutual assistance and exchange of experiences, encouraging users to participate in various activities – sports, cultural and educational , greater involvement of users in events outside the association, in public life. Since 2020, the unit in Prevalje has been implementing three publicly verified social protection programs: the Network of Housing Groups, the Counseling Center with elements of day center and the Advocacy program.

Office hours:

Vsak delovni dan med  8. in 16. uro.


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