The program is based on a broader concept of community mental health and an interpretive view of individuals in various mental distresses. Due to many prejudices in the wider society, they are rejected and excluded from many aspects of life that are “self-evident” to the “healthy” population. We believe that people with long-term mental health issues can live a dignified life in the community and realize their potential if they are provided with adequate support and assistance.

In the program we provide various forms of assistance or services that meet their needs in order to achieve a better quality of life in the community, outside the institutions. Many years of practical experience confirm that users are able, with appropriate and tailored support and assistance, to achieve the appropriate quality of life and functioning in the home and wider local environment. When working with users, we are focused on finding sources of strength, skills, experience, and strengthening competencies. At the same time, we are focused on finding resources in the community that help us on the path to recovery in finding appropriate support. We include close people and services that exist in their environments. The content of the program has been based on the implementation of the following professional services and activities for many years:
  • Personal counseling and life management,
  • Multidisciplinary cooperation with providers in the network of services,
  • Field work (by arrangement: home visits, escorts),
  • Personal recovery plan and coordination of its implementation (by agreement),
  • Information and telephone (Skype, Zoom) consulting,
  • Self-help group, every working Monday between 3 pm and 5 pm,
  • Psychoeducational workshops (on schedule)
  • Hiking and excursion activities (twice a month, on Saturdays)
  • Winter and summer camp.

Office hours:

Every working day between 9 am and 3 pm.


Phone 01 542 55 62, 01 320 46 40, 041 431 184 E-mail: Osebno: Zaloška c. 40, Ljubljana (ground floor, on the right – glass door)