Day center

The broader purpose of the program is to prevent and solve difficulties and to carry out psychosocial rehabilitation of people with mental health issues. In the program, we offer services and activities aimed at acquiring, maintaining and developing individual strengths, expanding the social network and spending quality free time. Through the varied, diverse workshops and activities we carry out in the program our users acquire social, functional and communication skills, positive self-image, sense of usefulness and diverse knowledge which maintains and improves their mental health.

The objectives of the program include: informing users about the program, informing about the availability of other services and events, strengthening the power of users in self-care and establishing and expanding the user’s social network, involving users in public life, user safety, quality leisure time, self-esteem , self-confidence, acquisition of new functional knowledge, co-decision of users and reduction of the number of hospitalizations and reduction of the stigma of mental disorders.
In addition to workshops that take place according to the agreed schedule, we also offer users:

  • Work in a sewing studio
  • Individual help in finding a job
  • Space for exhibitions or other art events
  • Women’s summer camp in Novigrad, Croatia
  • Full day trips
  • Club activity in the afternoon (from June to September)
  • Free tickets to the Drama and Cinematheque,
  • Celebrating birthdays.

Office hours:

Every working day between 7 am and 4 pm.


Phone 01 544 47 60
Personally: Zaloška c. 40, Ljubljana (first floor – left)